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June Featured Business: Netsins Ice Cream

by Josie Weber

Our Featured Business for the month of June is a delicious treat! Congratulations to Netsins Ice Cream! If you haven't been to this local neighborhood ice cream parlor on Culver Parkway you are truly missing out. It is the perfect combination of big options and portions tucked in to a residential neighborhood giving it a hometown feel. They serve Perry's hard ice cream, more than 50 flavors of soft frozen custard, slushies, amazing waffle cones and dishes, and you can even chocolate dip your ice cream!

Owned by Bill Netchke, a longtime Laurelton Fire Department volunteer, and Steve Sinaguglia, career firefighter at Laurelton Fire Department, Netsins is branded with a catchy fire dog mascot the kids love. Netsins will soon be celebrating their 20th anniversary in July! Co-owner Bill Netchke's wife worked across the street and in 1996 there was a fire in their building, formerly home to a dry cleaner. Both Netchke and Sinaguglia began talking about the need for a family-friendly place in the neighborhood and soon Netsins was born in that location. A family-friendly environment is exactly what Netsins is know for too.

“How many people grow up with an ice cream parlor down the street," says Netsins co-owner Sinaguglia. "The whole neighborhood comes here to meet".

We witnessed this neighborhood gathering during our time at Netsins where both counters inside and out were busy with one customer after another. The staff was extremely pleasant and accommodating to customer requests.

If you stop in to Netsins you will most likely see one of the two co-owners present as well as Netchke's wife or son but you will not find "Mr. Netsin", although both owners often get called by that name. Netsins was created by combining the beginning of two co-owners last names. Also a combination, if you purchase one of the many available baseball cap ice cream bowls you will notice they are branded with number 219; Bill's firefighter number – 21 and Steve's – 9.

“And since we're both firefighters, sometimes when we go on calls, people recognize us and say, 'Hey, you're the ice cream guys' ", Sinaguglia adds.

Both owners were born and raised in Irondequoit and still reside there. Sinaguglia is a Bishop Kearney graduate and formerly worked at Bells supermarket. Netchke is a 2nd-generation Laurelton firefighter. His father joined the department the week Netchke was born – 55 years ago

Netsins supports the local community and youth through coupon book fundraisers to benefit Eastridge High School Lancers football, EIAA Lacrosse, and local Boy Scout Troop 183. Occasional they have "pick a day" charity functions - recent ones have benefited ALS and Be uninTIMidated. Seasonally Netsins has around 15 employees which include local neighborhood kids. Netchke notes that the kids who first worked at the ice cream parlor are now coming back with their own kids – which he loves to see. He is also proud of the accomplishments of his former employees, noting that many of them have “gone on to nice careers" such as a zoologist, firefighter, police officer, physician's assistant, and even a professor.

After 20 years Netsins is still continuing to grow the business. Recently, they've added a Netsins Ice Cream Truck that serves “one or 1,000" at weddings, corporate events, graduations, block parties, etc. They may even try a local festival this summer, too. More information about their truck is available on their website.

Netsins Ice Cream is located at 290 Culver Parkway in East Irondequoit. Their phone number is (585) 288-8020. Check them out online at for all their social media links including Facebook.