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May Featured Business: Polska Chata

by Josie Weber

Congratulations to our May Featured Business of the Month, Polska Chata. This family-run deli, ethnic grocery store, and restaurant offers Polish cuisine and Fish Fry Fridays with a Polish twist. Owners and Irondequoit residents, Margaret Gorniak and Joseph Potocki, are both 100% Polish and have a desire for great local authentic Polish food which led to them opening Polska Chata in 2004.

There is nothing else that Gorniak and Potocki would rather be doing than serving the community with their very own authentic cuisine. Their twist on Fish Fry Fridays includes combo meals where you can add pierogi, bigos, and even shrimp. And now the food at Polska Chata is more accessible as they have just joined UberEats!

This past April, Polska Chata hosted its 5th Annual Dyngus Day celebration. This Polish holiday celebration is open to everyone and includes live Polka music, raffles, eating contests, and of course amazing Polish food. If you have never been, then mark your calendars for next year!

When asked what they love most about their business Gorniak stated, “When customers come in that are of Polish Heritage and reminisce about their childhood and their parents or grandparents and “the old country" and all the stories and traditions they have. We feel that by coming to Polska Chata it brings the customer back to their roots and lets then relive those happy memories they had as children".

However, you do not have to be Polish to enjoy the amazing food at Polska Chata.

“We welcome new customers", Gorniak says. “and thank … all of our supporters".

Polska Chata is located at 32 Vinedale Ave. in East Irondequoit. Check out their menu online at To learn more about Polska Chata you can call (585) 266-4480 or follow them on Facebook.