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Chamber of Commerce Coalition Encourages Support for Local Businesses During Covid-19

Dec 17, 2020

On December 15, 2020 the Rochester Chamber leaders released a letter advocating for the support of local businesses during the pandemic.
Our own Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce President Alice Willis-Hansen said, “At no other time has our tagline ‘United We Prosper’ carried such significance. Standing together in the effort to support our local businesses - businesses that have no doubt struggled, yet persevered and dedicated themselves to providing us with vital goods and services throughout these challenging times; businesses owned by our neighbors, who employ our neighbors, who contribute to our tax base - is critical to the survival and success of our Irondequoit Community as a whole. We are fortunate to have so many excellent restaurants and unique bars in Irondequoit. Please continue to order out and support this hardest-hit part of our business community by purchasing gift cards for your friends, family, and colleagues! So before you hop on the internet or drive a distance to a big box store for a last minute gift, take a walk or a very short drive around Irondequoit, mask up, do business with your
neighbors, and give a gift to your community.”