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IPD and Kessler Trauma Center Delivered an Informative and Useful Training

May 10, 2019

The Irondequoit Chamber hosted an Active Shooter Response Training on Thursday evening, May 9th at the Irondequoit Public Library. It was an outstanding training given by the Irondequoit Police Department and representatives from the Kessler Trauma Center. Our very own IPD discussed triggers and characteristics of individuals that should be reported to the police and went over the importance of committing to your actions when in these high stress situations.

Attendees completing hands on training to secure tourniquets

Run. Hide. Fight.

The training gave examples of multiple situations where an individual may need to use one or more of these tactics. Run. Hide. Fight. is more than just the slogan for Active Shooter Awareness Training, it is survival. Knowing when it is appropriate to take action and when it is best to flee is vital. Our IPD also explains why it so important for us to allow law enforcement to do their job and for everyone to comply to their requests.

Stop the Bleed.

Kessler Trauma Center provided hands on training for how to stop a life threatening bleed. Attendees learned how to properly pack a wound and use a tourniquet, placing it in the correct locations and apply the correct amount of pressure.

Stop the Bleed kits are available online through several organizations. It is important to make sure you are purchasing a medical grade kit in order to ensure the correct products are in it.


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