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Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce chooses Supervisor Dave Seeley as the 2020 Person of the Year

Feb 3, 2021

Supervisor Dave Seeley has been chosen for this prestigious award for his leadership and love of Irondequoit.  Over the years, Supervisor Seeley has led the way on multiple economic growth projects, revitalized Irondequoit and combated "zombie homes" and been personally involved with supporting the local community.   

Seeley's tenure as Town Supervisor was not short of crisis. In December of 2016, the DPW caught on fire scorching through the building and damaging vital equipment.  This crisis became an opportunity to build back better and now Irondequoit boasts a gorgeous and efficient new DPW facility off of E. Ridge Road. 

Soon after the fire, Irondequoit residents would experience the windstorm of 2017 followed by high water flooding which would resurface again in 2019. Seeley was able to secure funds under the New York State REDI program to help install new waste pumps and later would secure a grant to raise the boat launch at Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park.  This grant is also giving the park a facelift, adding in many much needed amenities.  Seeley also secured a grant to address the Culver Rd. storm drains.  All together Irondequoit received a total of $3,200,000 from the REDI program. 

The town of Irondequoit, under Seeley's leadership, has found innovative ways to navigate the current Covid-19 crisis as well.  Carefully planning how to spend our town's relief funds Seeley led the way to create free PPE drive-up distributions for businesses and residents, set up and participated in numerous drive-up food distributions, and we are currently hosting a mass free testing site at our DPW.  Most notably, Seeley's response to the pandemic with the the RISE Program stands out from other leaders.  The RISE Program includes small business relief loans specific to Irondequoit that businesses could apply for on top of any state or federal aid. 

Crisis wasn't the only defining moments of Seeley's tenure.  Economic development within the town has flourished over the several years. Seeley was focused on revitalizing Irondequoit and its reputation. In July of 2019, the vote passed on the Community Center at Skyview on the Ridge and gave great promise that residents would finally see something happen with the old Irondequoit Mall.  Today when you drive by you can see the amazing construction work being done on the soon-to-be community center as well as the new PathStone Development in the old Sears building.  The Skyview on the Ridge will also hold Rochester Regional's school for nursing in the old Macy's.  

Other projects approved under Seeley include developments along the Ridge like WellNow and Jiffy lube as well as upcoming sites at Portland and at the old Rite Aid. New housing develops popped up all around Irondequoit including patio homes near I-Square.  Seeley continued to support the development at I-Square giving us our Beautification Award winner, Irondequoit Beer Company. Seeley's administration also brought us the beautiful new ESL building which is another one of this year's winners.

Seeley had a vision for a greener and more efficient Irondequoit leading the Community Choice Aggregation Program. Other small changes also occurred under Seeley's administration like a new streamlined town website, fostered community groups and events like Winterfest and certifying Irondequoit as an autism friendly community. 

Like many people throughout our community we are sad to hear that Seeley has chosen not to run again for Town Supervisor but we wish him luck on his future endeavors. We couldn't have chosen a better time to award Seeley with this great honor of Person of the Year.