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LandTech Surveying & Planning PLLC purchases LaDieu Associates, PC

Jul 22, 2015

Legacy and trust are united in merger of two respected reputations in local land development

LandTech Surveying & Planning PLLC, of Irondequoit, has merged operations and services with LaDieu Associates, PC, of Greece. Both firms are well known locally for building client relationships and providing quality professional services in surveying, design engineering, site development, and environmental applications, for commercial, municipal, and residential projects.

The LaDieu name and brand, serving the area since 1952 and widely known as the company that 'built Greece,' will continue as LaDieu Consulting LLC, a division of LandTech Surveying & Planning PLLC. The merged firms are focused on seamlessly continuing business as usual for longtime customers. Senior Project Engineer Rick Giraulo, who joined LaDieu in 1984, continues with the merged firms, as do five additional professionals and an office manager.

LandTech Surveying & Planning PLLC, led by President and CEO John Sciarabba, is known locally as being a small firm with big firm credentials, prioritizing communication, client needs, community sensitivity, and efficiency. LandTech specializes in land development and a variety of surveying services. Ed Martin, Director of Engineering Services, will assume the title of Partner in operating the LaDieu division. Seven more professionals and a client manager are part of the LandTech team.

Both LandTech and LaDieu rely on their small business sensibilities to maintain quality service for their highly-valued client relationships. “I grow with my clients,” says John Sciarabba of the merger, “my clients are doing more and more, and I want to be there for them to help handle their workload.” The total combined work force of the merged firms is 14 people.

“I've worked with John for at least 20 years, and worked with Bob and Randy LaDieu for over 35 years,” says Gary Tajkowski, the Director of Development Services for the Town of Greece. “I have a lot of respect for the work of both companies, and it's great to see the work of a firm with the history of LaDieu being carried on by a firm that I also hold in high regard. The LaDieu legacy will be in good hands at LandTech.”

Negotiations began in February and LandTech closed on the purchase of LaDieu assets on May 3, 2015. Operations are currently consolidated at LaDieu Consulting in Greece. LandTech is a member of the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce.