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RBTL's Arnie Rothschild outlines Medley Centre preference

Feb 12, 2014

Rochester Broadway Theatre League (RBTL) Chairman Arnie Rothschild covered the reasons why the Medley Center site would make a great location for a new theatre venue for the RBTL, as part of a talk sponsored by the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce, on Thursday, February 6 at Jack's Place in Irondequoit.

He also focused on the reasons why RBTL needs a new theatre.  The organization began looking for a new site because their current venue, the Auditorium Theatre, is too small to attract many of the major Broadway shows.

The redeveloped Medley Center, as proposed by owner Scott Congel, would be an ideal site because:

  • There easy access to the site from major expressways, with many entrances and exits to prevent traffic jams after shows.
  • There would be a parking garage attached to the center, so patrons would not be exposed to inclement weather.
  • Residents and patrons of the apartment/hotel tower that would be built as part of the proposal, based on Congel's design, would be very likely to become members of the RBTL and/or attend programs.

Rothschild also noted that RBTL patrons would dine at Irondequoit residents before and after shows, which would support the Irondequoit economy.

He expressed frustration over the delays in the project, noting that although the agreement RBTL has with Congel has expired, the group would be open to the possibility of discussions with Congel in the future.

A full house at Jack's Place listens to Arnie Rothschild on February 6th.