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Take a Detour, Shop Irondequoit!

Oct 3, 2012

In the midst of the City of Rochester’s East Ridge Road Improvement Project, area businesses struggle to keep their doors open.

Phase 1 of the rehabilitation of 2.49 miles of East Ridge Road began in late June, limiting traffic from the city line (near Marburger Street) to Hudson Avenue to a single, eastbound lane. While the project addresses much needed repair of roadways and sidewalks, drainage structures and traffic signs, restricted access has meant detouring normal traffic around businesses on and around East Ridge Road. Now, more than 11 weeks later on the cusp of the second of five phases, Irondequoit businesses owners and residents are feeling the hurt.

“Irondequoit merchants on East Ridge Road…are experiencing a serious 20-35% loss of business as the eastbound detour negatively impacts their traffic counts and total sales,” says Dave Shaheen, owner of R.C. Shaheen and Board Member for the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee.

Although construction through the heart of Irondequoit continues to forge ahead, project timelines are projected through the 2013 season. In light of the still uncertain economy and a snow-heavy winter on the way, the outlook for local businesses is less than sunny.

Town Supervisor, Mary Joyce D’Aurizio, has asked that all residents “make a special effort to brave the detour and patronize the restaurants, hardware store, car wash and others along the detour.” The Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce joins her in encouraging community support to “Shop Irondequoit!”

East Ridge Road Detour