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Town of Irondequoit presents Comprehensive Master Plan

Aug 18, 2014

On Thursday, August 7, 2014, a modest crowd attended the Town of Irondequoit’s first forum on the Draft Comprehensive Master Plan update.

“Tonight kicks off the final stages of a process to develop a comprehensive master plan that began in 2008,” said Supervisor Adam Bello. Irondequoit’s last Master Plan was published in 1985.

“We need a plan because we need a coherent vision for what comes next – what do we want the town of Irondequoit to look like 5 to 10 years from now? To do that, we need to have a clearly identified destination as a community, and make sure we have policies and programs in place to take us in the right direction,” said Supervisor Bello.

The 1985 plan is nearly 30 years old, and Supervisor Bello and Planning & Zoning Administrator Kerry Ivers pointed out significant changes in development pressures and demographics as major reasons why the old plan is a poor road map for the Irondequoit of the new millennium.

The updated plan will contain 2010 census statistics and demographics, will reflect new construction and development along Ridge Road, and note the public library construction. All of the plan updates are expected to help Irondequoit compete more effectively for grant money as well as for developers’ attention.

Core elements of the plan include a community-driven vision, neighborhood strength, and land use, particularly along Ridge Road and waterfront areas. Re-development was emphasized as being just as important as new development.

“We are going through this process, and asking the town board – your representatives – to vote on a plan to send a clear signal that this plan represents a vision by the community, for the community,” said Supervisor Bello, adding that the entire draft document is available for review on the Town’s website (

Bello and Ivers both stressed that feedback from Irondequoit residents and business owners will be key to finalizing a successful, community-backed master plan.

The comprehensive plan will become central to Irondequoit’s economic development strategies. “It will help us identify our assets so that we can better market Irondequoit as a place to do business. That will send the right message to taxpayers, and will tell prospective businesses who we are, and what we want and need in Irondequoit,” said Supervisor Bello.

The next hearing will take place during the August 21 Town Board meeting (scheduled at about 7:30pm.) Another hearing will take place on Tuesday, September 2, 7pm, at the Town Hall.

Email feedback to, or send letters to the Town Hall, 1280 Titus Ave, Rochester, NY 14617.