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Featured Business is an Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce program that highlights local businesses that contribute to our community.

Businesses are not required be a member of the Irondequoit Chamber, but we strongly encourage participation. . To nominate a business, send us an email telling us about the business, the owner(s), and their contributions to the Irondequoit community.

  • 17 Apr 2024 4:19 PM | Anonymous

    Directly across from Seabreeze Amusement Park is a local business that is anything but your typical pizzeria. Salty Bread Pizza Cafe became an instant favorite among many of our board members after we attended their ribbon cutting event a couple years ago.  Learn more about Salty Bread Pizza Cafe and what makes it unique in this brief Q&A with one of the owners Paul Padoleski.

    Official business name?  Salty Bread Pizza Cafe

    Any other owners of the business?  My family.

    How many years have you been in business?  Two.

    What type of business is Salty Bread Pizza Cafe?  We are a pizzeria meets cafe where we offer everything from pastries, soup, salad, sandwiches and of course pizza.  Our featured item is our salty french bread style pizzas.  

    What made you open Salty Bread Pizza Cafe?  How did the idea come about?  I have been itching for years to get back in to the pizza business, when I found this location I was sold. 

    What about the location? Why choose Irondequoit for your business?   I fell in love with the Sea Breeze area immediately and knew it would be the perfect place to start our business. Irondequoit is beautiful, scenic and extremely diverse.  The Sea Breeze area immediately felt like home. 

    How many employees does your business employee and are any local Irondequoit natives?  Our business employees about fifteen, ten of which are Irondequoit natives. 

    What do you want potential customers to know about your business? I want potential customers to know we are not your typical pizza shop.  We offer so much besides pizza and many items you will most likely never see anywhere else.  We take pride in every menu item we make.  There are zero disappointments on our menu. 

    What community service has your business been involved in or organizations do you support? For any local event that requires donations our answer is always yes. We are strong supporters of first responders and offer a 10% discount to all of them. 

    Lastly, are there any events you are hosting you wish to tell the community about?  Not currently on the schedule but we encourage everyone to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see new and exciting items as well as upcoming events. Perhaps a two year anniversary event coming up in May...

     Salty Bread Pizza Cafe is located at 4615 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622 and is open Wed - Sun 10am - 8pm.  They can be found online

  • 5 Mar 2024 7:40 PM | Anonymous

    This March the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Jeff Riesenberger and Irondequoit Landscape as our Featured Business.  Since their establishment in 1987, Irondequoit landscape has gone from a maintenance only company to also providing landscape design and hardscapes.  While Irondequoit is still their backbone for service business like mowing, cleanups, pruning and maintenance, Irondequoit Landscape does travel throughout the eastern suburbs for larger construction projects.  Some of these projects include patios, walls, landscapes and design work. 

    While Irondequoit Landscape is known for their beautiful work (check out their gallery) it is Riesenberger's dedication to the community that has received a lot of attention.  Irondequoit Landscape has a major focus on charitable work in town and throughout the county.  Riesenberger is locally involved with The Sunset House, Nature Center, Rotary projects, the school districts and special needs groups. 

    "We still have a number of maintenance accounts we perform yearly work for free of charge," Riesenberger tells us,  "for people with extreme medical or financial needs". 

    In May of 2019 Irondequoit Landscape suffered a devastating fire that resulted in a personal loss of over $750k.  After dealing with the loss and heartbreak, Riesenberger and his crew showed up at Invigorate Irondequoit the next morning with whatever mulch and supplies they still had to help because he didn't believe in breaking his commitment to his community.  It was that community that donated to a Go Fund Me started by a past tenant that helped get Irondequoit Landscape back on its feet after receiving almost no insurance payout.  

    Shortly after, Covid had polar effects on the industry with demand increasing significantly and able-bodied workers hard to find.  This brought on a new challenge for Riesenberger after rebuilding and he is still looking for dedicated workers today.   

    "Service trades are struggling to recruit new people who want to commit a lifetime to a vocation" Riesenberger says. "I am grateful to have tremendously loyal people in my office, our shop and in the field".  He urges any men or women interested in learning about the landscape business to go to the Irondequoit Landscape website and reach out about openings.

    While the work has been financially rewarding, Riesenberger says it's really about the relationships he has formed over the last 37 years.  He involves his family in everything and says his co-workers are now considered family as well.   

    "I have a loving and supportive family that provides me the energy to continue to peruse my passion". 

    Please check out our video interview with Jeff Riesenberger located on our Facebook page.  

    Irondequoit Landscape is located at 258 St. Joseph St. Rochester, NY 14617.  They can be found online at and on Facebook

  • 13 Dec 2023 4:33 PM | Anonymous

     With their strong community presence both local and regionally, it is hard to not recognize the orange "e" symbol of Evans Bank.  This December, the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Evans Bank Irondequoit as our newest Featured Business and share with everyone a little more about their role in our community and what they offer as a business.  Check out this Q&A with AVP/Senior Branch Manager Brighid Simonds:

    How many years has Evans Bank been in business?

    The Evans Bank Irondequoit Branch has been operating for 16 years. Prior to becoming Evans Bank, it was a branch of Fairport Savings Bank.

    What type of business/services does Evans Bank offered?

    As a full-service commercial bank, Evans Bank has a strong track record of serving business clients in Rochester, through its team of experienced and respected commercial bankers. Evans serves businesses of all sizes, with an emphasis on Commercial and Industrial Lending, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Equipment Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions Financing and Cash Management.

    Evans’ experienced Community Development Banking team is a valued partner for non-profit development as well as other projects that have a community benefit.

    Evans Government Banking team has the experience and expertise to understand the statutes governing public entities and provides a flexible, locally serviced suite of financial solutions, including collateralized depository services, Cash Management services and government insurance.

    Through its strong retail operation with 18 branches throughout Western New York, Evans Bank provides high-touch and personalized customer service experience with all the expertise and products available at the big banks. The Evans brand focuses on a great customer experience as a differentiator and competitive advantage.

    Evans Bank provides mortgage and consumer lending, offering personal loans, mortgages and home equity lines of credit with a special focus on affordable homeownership programs and programs for first-time homebuyers in underserved neighborhoods.

    Evans Bancorp's wholly owned insurance subsidiary, The Evans Agency, LLC, provides life insurance, employee benefits, and property and casualty insurance.

    Evans Investment Services provides non-deposit investment products, such as annuities and mutual funds.

    How did Evans Bank come about? What made Evans Bank choose to open?

    In 2020, Evans Bank acquired Fairport Saving Bank and has quickly become an active and visible part of the Rochester and Irondequoit communities. Our Irondequoit branch, located at 2118 Hudson Avenue has been operating since 2007, and is an integral part of our Rochester operation and serves as the center of our activity in the Irondequoit community.

    Why choose Irondequoit for your business’ home?

    We are very proud of our Irondequoit branch, which is a hub of activity for retail banking, mortgage lending, small business banking, community development, insurance and investments.

    How many employees does your business employ? Are any local Irondequoit natives?

    Evans has approximately 375 employees in Western New York and more than 30 in our Rochester region. Our Rochester team members have deep roots in the community and are active on a number of nonprofit boards and organizations including but not limited to The Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce, Penfield Business Chamber, The Fairport/Perinton Merchant’s Association, The Rochester Women’s Network, NYSCAR, The Center for Youth, Bivona Child Advocacy Center, C.U.R.E. Childhood Cancer Association, and the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce.

    What do you want potential customers to know about your business?

    Since entering the Rochester market in May 2020, Evans Bank has quickly become a major presence in the financial services sector and in the community through the work of our experienced and dedicated associates. Our success is tied to relationships and to how well we understand our clients, their businesses and the competition. That depth of knowledge helps us better prepare our clients to navigate future challenges.

    What community service has Evans Bank been involved in? 

    As a values-driven organization, Evans Bank believes in making significant contributions to the growth and development of the communities it serves, sponsoring and supporting numerous philanthropic endeavors through financial contributions and employee volunteerism. The Bank has also been an active community partner, sponsoring such events as the Rochester Lilac Festival, Fairport Canal Days, Fairport Oktoberfest, and the Darien Lake Concert Series. Evans also supports community development initiatives through partnerships with the Greater Rochester Housing Partnership, LISC, NeighborWorks Community Partners and Pathstone. Our Financial Fitness team is passionate about the financial health of our clients and community. We serve community members, non-profits, and businesses by providing customizable and personalized educational workshops about finance related topics.

    Evans Bank Irondequoit is located at 2118 Hudson Ave, Rochester, NY 14617.  You can find them on Facebook or online at  

  • 20 Apr 2023 11:08 AM | Anonymous

    The Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce is excited to recognize Murph's Irondequoit Pub as our newest Featured Business!   Check out our Q&A with owner Cathie Murphy:

    Company name:   Irondequoit Pub Inc/Murph's Irondequoit Pub.

    Owner(s):  Cathie Murphy, Matthew Murphy (son) and Jana Schweigert

    Years in business:  37 (19 in Irondequoit)

    Type of business/services you offer:  Full service bar and restaurant. We offer live music four days a week.  Our entire menu is available for take out and we host "happy hour events" for local businesses and charities. 

    How did your business come about?  What made you decide to open your business:  My husband Dan Murphy, "Murph", was working in the bar/restaurant business during and after college and I was a liquor sales person after college.  We both loved the business and decided to make it our career. 

    Why did you choose Irondequoit for your business:  We have lived in Irondequoit since 1987.  We absolutely love this town and wanted to be part of the community.  Finally in 2004, we opened Murph's on Titus Ave and the rest is history!

    How many employees do you have?  Are any Irondequoit natives:  We employ 18 people currently and 11 of them are Irondequoit locals.

    What do you want potential customers to know about your business:  We love serving the community.  We want everyone to feel comfortable at Murph's and enjoy the food and live music.  We are trying everyday to live to my husband, Murph's, legacy.

    What community service has your business been involved in? What organizations do you support:  We support local sports teams by advertising in their high school programs.  We also host many fundraisers for local charities.  We support Toys for Tots, ALS and the American Heart Association. 

    Are there any events you are hosting you wish to tell the community about:  We have a couple events in the works but no dates yet.  We will let everyone know when details are finalized.

    You can find Murph's Irondequoit Pub located at 155 Pattenwood Dr.  Make sure to follow them on Facebook for their live music calendar and to stay up to date with events.  

  • 15 Feb 2023 1:07 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations Marilyn Coleman, owner of MJ Travel on being this month's Featured Business and thank you for your 35 year membership with the Irondequoit Chamber!!  Check out our Q&A with Marilyn:

    Business Name:  MJ Travel

    Owner:  Marilyn Coleman

    Years in Business:  37 years loving every day that I did this kind of work.  It never seemed like work to me just plain joy.

    Type of Business/ Services Offered:  Plan travel vacation for groups and families all over the world.  All of a sudden people were coming to me and asking me for advice.  I knew right then and there this was the career I wanted.  I was working as a guidance counselor in the school system.  As a hobby I would help the teachers plan their school breaks.  That is when I realized this is what I wanted to do, to get in to the travel business. 

    How Did Your Business Come About?  What made you choose to open your business:  From working part time for a travel agency.  37 years ago I decided to go out on my own as I developed my own clientele  that came to me asking for help to plan their vacations.  I fell in love with this type of work and knew someday I would have my own agency.  There it was MJ Travel, I loved  what I did and was very good at doing it. 

    Why Choose Irondequoit for Your Business Home:  I knew paying rent for an office and equipment that was needed meant I had to hopefully have enough clients just to get through those expenses. That also meant charging my clients more.  So I decided to work from my home office to save my clients extra charges for their vacations.  So if I worked from my home office I could do their vacations for far less, giving them more vacation for their money. 

    What Do You Want Customers to Know About Your Business:  I love what I do with a passion.  It has never been work for me, just joy of planning vacations for my clients.  

    What Community Service Has Your Business Been Involved In?  What Organizations do you support:  I use to belong to Lions Club and several local business clubs.  I belong to several travel organizations.  I support and donate to St. Jude.  I also support women's shelters with clothing and donations. 

    Are There any Events You are Hosting You Wish to Tell the Community About:  Since 2006 I have had groups going on the Royal Clipper Sailing Ship every year.  This is a big beautiful sailing ship the length of a football field.  It has 54 square rigging sails.  It does both directions of the Caribbean each season.   Most of my clients have sailed this beautiful ship many times with me.  It truly is my most favorite way to relax and enjoy my vacations.  I will be doing a group February 24th to March 2, 2024 to Barbados doing the Grenadine Islands.  It is filling fast, I have 10 cabins filled so far. 

  • 10 Oct 2022 3:37 PM | Anonymous

    Check Out Our Q&A with Picture the Best Owner Natalie Best

    Business name:   _Picture The Best_

    Owner(s): _Natalie Best 

    How many years in business? _Twelve years! I opened Picture The Best in 2010 in Gates and relocated the studio in 2016 to 655 Titus Avenue after my family and I moved to Irondequoit. 

    Type of business/services offered? Picture The Best is a photo studio specializing in newborn, family, event and wedding photography. We’re there for our families through every exciting stage of life!

    How did your business come about?  What made you choose to open your business? I’ve been interested in photography since my first darkroom class in high school.  I love connecting with people and working to create images that tell their story. My sisters had their senior photos taken a few years apart from one another and the backgrounds and poses were identical.  I wanted to create a place where each person was seen as an individual. I went to college for Film and Photography and created Picture the Best shortly after graduating; and made my dream come true of a studio where you can get photos that are uniquely you.

    Why choose Irondequoit for your business home:    Irondequoit’s business owners are so incredibly warm and welcoming. They have a genuine interest in seeing fellow businesses succeed, and I absolutely love that. Irondequoit isn’t just home to my business, but home to my family as well and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

    How many employees does your business employ?  Are any local Irondequoit natives?  I’m Picture The Best’s only full time employee, but I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of help and support from family and friends over the years.

    What do you want potential customers to know about your business?  We offer many different types of photography.  Business photos, product photography, corporate events, school photos and many more. I love running a business because I have the opportunity to wear many hats and keep my days varied and interesting. Offering many types of services is one way to keep my creativity flowing. 

    What community service has your business been involved in?  What organizations do you support/donate to?   We annually support Irondequoit High School’s football team. 

    Are there any events you are hosting you wish to tell our community about?  We host private party events called Sips & Selfies. It’s one of Rochester s newest group-night-out activities. It’s creative, fun and right here in Irondequoit!  We’re also co-sponsoring The Haunted Carnival Walk Through at The Venue, 657 Titus Ave this October. 

  • 12 Jul 2022 11:04 PM | Anonymous

    We are celebrating 50 years with Tile Wholesalers of Rochester by making them our newest Featured Business!  Check out our Q&A with owners Dave and Kathy Firkins:

    Business Name:  Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

    Owner(s):  Dave and Kathy Firkins

    Years in business:  50!!!

    What type of business/services do you offer?   Retail and wholesale ceramic, porcelain and natural stone

    How did your business come about?   Tile Wholesalers of Rochester was founded in 1972 by Alan Firkins. Alan believed relationships were the key to success and built a company based on superior service. In the early years of the company, the tile business was conducted on a wholesale level, working directly with contractors or tile installation companies, hence the “Wholesalers” in its name. Today, Alan’s son Dave applies that same philosophy of providing superior service to not only contractors, but architects, designers and homeowners as well. In 2021, Conor Firkins joined the company and the third generation is now here to carry on the customer service focus that has been our hallmark. 2022 marks 50 years for Tile Wholesalers of Rochester!! Cheers to our past, our present and our bright future!

    Why choose Irondequoit for your business?   It's centrally located with easy access for truck and customer traffic.  It is also a welcoming area. 

    What do you want potential customers to know about your business?   That our customers are our number one priority!

    What community service or organizations does your business support?  Thread for a Cure, Laura's Gifts and Habitat for Humanity

    Tile Wholesalers of Rochester has a beautiful showroom and 20,000 feet of warehouse space where they house samples and in stock products. You can find them at 1136 East Ridge Rd in Irondequoit and online at .   Make sure to follow them on social media including Instagram and Facebook.

  • 7 Apr 2022 11:14 PM | Anonymous

    Our Newest Featured Business!

    When walking in to Mad Hatters Hide Away Smoke Shop we were immediately obsessed with all the fun and unique décor.  The shop, located on Culver Rd near Norton is far bigger inside than it appears from the front.  We caught up with owner Nick Stebbins for a little Q&A to learn more about Mad Hatters Hide Away. 

    Business Name:   Mad Hatters Hide Away Smoke Shop

    Owner(s):  Nick and Rocco Stebbins

    How many years in business?  11 Years in August

    Type of business/services offered?   For cigars we carry over 200 different varieties of the top-rated brands throughout the world. Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Punch, La Liga, and many more.  The largest selection of pipes in Rochester. Our collection includes one-of-a-kind pieces from the east to the west coast, as well as the most popular brands nationwide. For CBD we carry our own premium brand, Wonderland CBD. In addition, we also carry CBDMD, Koi, Green Roads, and more! E-Cigarettes we have Smok®, Regis, Ooze, and more. If you need it, we've got it. Wraps, cones, papers, Ryo supplies, pipe tobacco, hookahs, grinders, candles, incense, and storage containers. Anything you can think of we have it. We are also a licensed Xikar and Zippo dealer.

    How did your business come about?  What made you choose to open your business?     We grew up with a father that renovated properties through Rochester to rent out or sell. Some of these properties he opened businesses in. This set the framework for us to want to have our own businesses at a young age. We had several different businesses over the years but once we opened Mad Hatters that ended up hitting better than anything we had done before. We first opened with a small inventory not knowing a ton about the smoke shop business. We did a ton of research became very knowledgeable along with building up the products that we carried. We have always given great customers service and our customers have rewarded us by coming back again and again. This has allowed us to keep expanding and growing. We are approaching 11 years in business with us winning Rochester’s best the last five years in a row.

    Why choose Irondequoit for your business’ home:  We have always liked Irondequoit it’s a great town with a lot of character. The town and all the residents have always treated us well. The location of our building also has really helped our business grow. We have 104 up the road from us along with 590 around the corner. This allows us to get customers from all over Rochester and the surrounding areas. Culver Rd. is a great way to head downtown so we have a large number of cars passing us daily which has also helped our business grow quickly.
    How many employees does your business employ?  Are any local Irondequoit natives?   We have 12 employees with many of them that are lifelong Irondequoit residents.
    What do you want potential customers to know about your business?  Our store is over 2000 sq feet which from the road you would never think that. If you haven’t been in come, check us out. We have the largest selection of smoking accessories in New York State. Our expert staff is knowledgeable on all the products we carry and will treat you right. Just check out our google listing and you will see the number of happy customers we have had over the years. We also have our very own glass studio in downtown Rochester. A large amount of the glass art we carry is made right in our studio or other studios in the area. We even have some of these amazingly talented glass blowers on our staff at the store. The art that we have in our store is a must see for anyone. It is truly mind blowing what these artists can make and you can see it in full display in the back half of our store.
    What community service has your business been involved in?  What organizations do you support/donate to?  Over the years we have been involved with many events and organizations. We have donated to The CF foundation, Toys for tots, The Asthma foundation, and more. We have also donated to police, fire and other organizations for there charity events they have thrown over the years.
    Are there any events you are hosting you wish to tell our community about?   We do different events through out the year. At the store we do events/sales on black Friday, 4/20, and our yearly anniversary on August 1st. We have also started an event called the Roc City Flame Off. This event pits glass blowers against each other making a one-of-a-kind pieces of glass art. We threw our first one last year and will be doing it once a year. There is a few more events that are in the preliminary stages of planning. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on everything we have going on.

    Mad Hatters Hide Away Smoke Shop is located at 2334 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609.  You can find them online or follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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